March 7, 2022 – March 11, 2022

Be a part of one of the most anticipated Free Bundle for Course & Digital Product creators. 

Flood your email list with hundreds of new, qualified, potential customers & clients, while gaining massive exposure for your brand

Ready to get a bunch of new email subscribers for your SPRING Launches?

What’s going on homeslice?  I’m Kate Doster of & host of the Inbox Besties podcast, and I’m super excited you’re interested in being a part of  the Back to Business Free Bundle going on from March 7 – March 11, 2022.  

This is your chance to shower your current audience with amazing free gifts on topics you don’t normally cover while being seen as the new go-to expert to thousands of new people. (It’s a total win-win)

While we can’t guarantee results, we can tell you that on average, the majority of contributors will walk away with 500-2,000+ new leads.  (Hot damn!)

Krista from Summit in a Box added over 500+ new cold subscribers to their email list while making countless sales of  her intro offers. Saving her at least $2500 in Facebook Ads cost


Promotional Window:

The Free Bundle opens Monday March 7 – Friday March 11, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST.

How it works

  1. Visitors enter their name + email address to receive a link to our special gift mall page.
  2. From there, visitors can pick and choose which free exclusive free gifts they want to download by clicking the “I want that!” button.
  3. When someone hits your gift’s button they’ll be redirected to an opt-in page on YOUR site where they’ll complete your opt-in process.  This keeps everything GDPR compliant (on our end) while ensuring you’re only getting leads who are generally interested in what you talk about.

You are allowed to have tripwires on your free gift Thank You Page.

However, other uses for your Thank You page include:

  • Growing your YouTube channel
  • Promoting your auto-webinar
  • Growing your Facebook Group
  • Growing your Instagram
  • Just confirming their email address.



Mandatory Promotional Requirements (2 Emails)

  All promotional requirements are mandatory.

 If you cannot promote during our promotional period (Mar 7 – Mar 11) you can’t participate in this round of The Back to Business Bundle.

Email Requirements – Send 1 (one) email JUST about The Back to Business Free Bundle to your list from March 7 – 9 (you cannot just add it as a PS to your email.)  This free event only works if everyone does their part to promote.

And 1 (one) more email about The Back to Business Free Bundle from March 10 – 11 2022. 

This free event is a HUGE fan favorite and since they won’t be able to get any of the gifts for free AFTER Mar 11 2022, trust me they’ll be thanking you for the last minute reminder. 

*** A variety of swipe files will be provided.***

We would also love it if you posted about The Back to Business Free Bundle on social media but that is not required.

Gift Quality Requirements

We have extremely HIGH standards for the free gifts we are willing to accept in the Free Bundle. 

Your gift must be:

  1. Something you do (or could) charge $27-$97 for.  
  2. Not be available on your site for free.  (It’s okay if you’re giving it as part of an All Access Pass or other Bundles in the past. 
  3. Something everyone must be able to get INSTANT access to from March 7 – 11.  (Not a live workshop happening after the event)

Your gift can be:

  • Mini-Course or full course (it can be a new product but it must be ready by Feb. 9, 2022)
  • Ebook
  • Templates
  • Kits
  • Done for You items
  • Parts of your paid products
  • A set of spreadsheets / calculator
  • Audio program
  • Tripwire level product

Your gift cannot be:

  • A  quiz
  • A contest (ie 1 person will win)
  • 1:1 calls with you / personalized audits
  • 3 page pdfs / 1 page checklist
  • Webinar replays with a “full-on pitch” of your paid offers 

(Remember: the better the gift the more signups you’ll get.) 

Audience Size Requirement

To keep everything fair we would like you to have at least 2,000 subscribers but prefer 4,000+ active subscribers.

The Back to Business Logo must be on your landing page

You must include the Back to Business Free Bundle Logo on your gift’s landing page / claim page. (Even if you’ll be sending people directly to a checkout or sales page.)

You can grab the logo here. 


If after reading this page you can meet all of the promotional and other requirements....

  1. EMAIL: KATE@KATEDOSTER.COM within 5 days of receiving your personal invite saying YES, you’re in.  (No-one will be accepted after Feb 1, 2022.)  If we do not hear back from you within 5 days we will ask the next person on our list for your topic category.
  2. Decide if you’d like to upgrade to one of our 5 VIP spots – these spots fill up very quickly.  If you choose to upgrade to a VIP spot you’ll get:
    1. Prime placing on our gift claim page, featuring heavily in all of our promotional material.
    2. Have a direct link to YOUR landing page sent to the Free Bundle registrants mid-bundle so you have even more eyes on your page. 
    3. You’ll be interviewed on my podcast Inbox Besties & get a 25-minute coaching session with me to be used either before or after the Free Bundle to capitalize on your new audience.

VIP spots are $125 USD.
Non-VIP spots are free.

3. Fill in our contributor intake form & gift claim information.

This will be emailed to you after you say yes to participating in the Bundle and must be filled out no later than Feb 7 2022, asking you for things like: Name of your gift, landing page signup URL, 500×500 mockup of your gift, Instagram handle etc.

Your gift must be finished & your autoresponder that delivers access must be functional by Feb 7, 2022.

If you’re submitting a sales page – please provide us with a URL that has the 100% coupon code attached along with providing the actual coupon code.

 Dates to Note


Within 5 days of reading this – Send an email to saying YES I want to be in the bundle.

Feb. 7 – Submit all your information via our contributor intake form (we’ll email it to you) + have your landing page & auto-responder and/or gift delivery system fully functioning.

Feb. 7 [VIP’s ONLY] Due date to book your strategy & interview with Kate

Feb. 21 – Swipe files will be ready.

Mar. 7 – Free Bundle Opens at 10am EST

Mar. 7 – 9 – AFTER 2pm EST on Mar 7 you may email your list about the Free Bundle.

Mar. 10 – 11– Send email #2 / Last Chance Email

Mar. 11 – Free Bundle closes at 11:59 pm EST

Got Questions?


Not quite sure the Back To Business Free Bundle is for you? Don’t know what you could offer? Send an email  to for fill out the contact form below so Kate or Abi can help you out.

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