February 22nd – March 5, 2021

Be a part of one of the most anticipated giveaway events for digital product creators & online experts.

Flood your email list with hundreds of new, qualified, potential customers & clients, while gaining massive exposure for your brand

***Please note all 5 VIP spots have been filled***

Ready to get a bunch of new email subscribers for your spring launch?


What’s going on homeslice?  I’m Kate Doster of KateDoster.com & host of the Inbox Besties podcast, and I’m super excited you’re interested in being a part of  the Back to Business Bundle Giveaway going on from February 22nd –  March 5, 2021.  

This is your chance to shower your current audience with amazing free gifts on topics you don’t normally cover while being seen as the new go-to expert to thousands of new people. (It’s a total win-win)

While we can’t guarantee results, we can tell you that on average, the majority of contributors will walk away with 500-2,000+ new leads.  (Hot damn!)


Krista from Summit in a Box added over 500+ new cold subscribers to their email list while making countless sales of  her intro offers. Saving her at least $2500 in Facebook Ads cost


Promotional Window:

The giveaway opens Monday February 22nd, and closes Friday, March  5th, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.

How it works

1.Visitors enter their name + email address to receive a link to our special gift mall page.

2.From there, visitors can pick and choose which free exclusive free gifts they want to download by clicking the “I want that!” that button.

3. When someone hits your gift’s button they’ll be redirected to an opt-in page on YOUR site where they’ll complete your opt-in process. This keeps everything GDPR compliant (on our end) while ensuring you’re only getting leads who are generally interested in what you talk about.


You are allowed to have tripwires on your free gifts Thank You Page.

However, other uses of your thank you page including:

  • Growing your Youtube
  • Promoting your auto-webinar
  • Growing your Facebook Group
  • Growing your Instagram
  • Just confirming their email address.




Put together a show-stopping FREE Gift (Gift Requirements)

Let’s be real.  We’re looking to have at least 20+ contributors for the BBBG this year and your gift needs to stand out.  So the more exciting the free gift you have, the more subscribers you’ll get.

Peeling off parts of paid products (especially signature courses), giving away templates, or even giving away paid products that’s normally cost $27 or above work great.

If you’d like to create something brand new for the giveaway that’s awesome.  Maybe a mini-course with 1-3 audios or videos (so people can bond with you more) and handout or collections of pdfs / worksheet made into a kit.


Absolutely – No quizzes, contests/sweeptakes, 1:1 calls with you, cheesy 3 page pdfs, webinar replays or current lead magnets/things we can find on your site for free right now are allowed. 

**Remember the higher quality the gift, the more sign-ups you will get**

If you’re not sure what to offer, let me know and we can chat about it.

Naturally, we’ll create a bigger buzz & get more eyeballs to this giveaway if our collection of free gifts as a whole sounds super impressive.

Your gift must be something:

1) You could charge $37- 97 for.  

2) Isn’t currently on your site for free.

3) Everyone can have instant access to 

4) No quizzes, contest, 1:1 calls with you, cheesy 3 page pdfs or webinar replays with a “full-on pitch” of your paid offers (A brief mention of where they can learn more about your paid offer is cool.)

Email List Size:

While we feel a little gross for putting a minimum number of subscribers as a requirement for participation, it’s not fair if one person has 10,000 on their list and another has 200 subscribers since the main driver of traffic to this giveaway is 3 solo emails.  The 200 subscriber person has everything to gain, while the 10,000 person, not so much.

So to keep everything fair you must have an email list of at least 2000 subscribers (preferably 4000+) primarily made up of solopreneurs, online experts, digital product creators or pro-bloggers interested in scaling their audiences and propelling their income.


Because you’re not being charged a single cent to have your free gift featured in front of 20,000+ of your ideal customers with a chance to grow your list by 1000 with free bundle all promotional requirements are mandatory.

If you can’t promote during our promotional window February 22 – March 5th  you CAN NOT be in this free bundle.

We will be keeping tabs on all of the contributors and if we don’t see you posting on social media or have proof that you’re sending solo emails  as outlined below we will simply remove your gift from the giveaway. 

Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

These free bundles and giveaways only work if everybody does their part.

Solo Emails:

You must send 1 (one) email in between Tuesday February 23 – Saturday February 27

You must send 1 (one) separate email between Sunday February 28 –  March 5th.

For a total of 2 emails dedicated solely to the Back to Business Free Bundle during the live period. 

However —- we would love it if you send a resend for everyone who didn’t open between Feb. 23 – Feb. 27 – along with a “LAST CHANCE” email around 8pm EST (or so) on March 5th.

Email swipe files will be provided. But you can feel free to write your own.

Social Media Requirements (2 Posts): 

You must promote the giveaway at least once during  Feb 23 – Feb. 27 and second time between Sunday February 28 –  March 5th on either Instagram or your Facebook Business Page. While we’d love for you to promo it more (I mean the more people who know about it the more subscribers you’ll get right?), two is the minimum.  Graphics will be provided but you can use your own.

If you share on Instagram stories please tag me @kate_doster.

Again, you’re sharing high quality free stuff with your audience. I don’t think they’ll mind.


Fill Out Your Information On The Submission 

If after reading this page you can meet all of the promotional and other requirements….

First email smilesquad@katedoster.com to get the Back To Business Free Bundle submission form by Nov. 10th, 2020 – the lastest. (Please note we are requiring most contributors to give us a yes or no answer within four or five days of us emailing them. This might make it earlier for you).


You must submit all the information we’re requiring below no later than Dec. 11, 2020 


  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Your Handshot
  • Your Bio
  • Name of your signature program / podcast / youtube channel  or Facebook group- just one
  • Instagram handle
  • Facebook Page Url
  • Website
  • Name of you free gift
  • Short description of your free gift
  • A 350 x 350 mock up of your free gift
  • The Landing Page Url of your gift (please note your landing page + audio-responders do not need to be functional until Dec. 18, 2020)
  • If you’re submitting a sales page – please provide us with a URL that has the 100% coupon code attached along with the providing the the actual coupon code.

Your landing page  must have the with the Back to Business Bundle logo on it which will be provided on the form & in your “welcome” email. 


Well this event is 100% free for you to participate in as long as you meet all of our gift and promotional requirements this year we are adding sponsorships and a VIP gift spots.

While all of our past participants  have seen anywhere between 200 and over 1000 new email subscribers the truth are we have notice patterns as to which spots on the giveaway page tend to see the most action. (Thank you heat mapping) 

We have 5 VIP spots available – by upgrading to a VIP spot – you will get – VIP branding to stand out from the other gifts, key locations on the giveaway mall page, will be heavily featured on all promotion materials and on Kate’s social media channels – and interview on the Inbox Besties to be aired between January 21 – March 3, 2021 (where you can pitch anything not just giveaway) + VIP swag + 25 minute strategy session with Kate to plan your profit plan for after the bundle is over. Including quickly what gifts to offer, tripwires, email follows ups etc for just $125 USD.

For sponsorship information please email smilesquad@katedoster.com

Dates To Know Quick View:

Dec. 11th – Submit your information via the Back To Business Free Bundle Form (which we’ll email you after you say yes)

Dec. 18th – Have your Landing Page & Autoresponser fully functioning

Dec. 20th [VIP’s ONLY] Due date to Book your interview and strategy spot with Kate

Jan. 8th – Swipefiles will be ready.

Feb. 22 – Free Bundle Opens

Feb 23 – Feb. 26 – Send Email #1

Feb. 28 – March 5th Send Email #2

March 5th – Free bundle closes at 11:59PM EST

Your Quick To Do List

  • Say yes via email
  • Decided on gift
  • Create 350 X 350 mockup of gift
  • Fill out information form
  • Create landing page
  • Create thank you page
  • Set up autoresponder
  • During event – post twice on social (use swipe files), send two emails (use swipe files or make your own)

If you have any questions please email Kate or Abi at smilesquad@katedoster.com